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Week 4 and powering through

Time is disappearing and before I knew it my last run of week 4 is tomorrow.

Run 1 and 2 was a setup, near doubling the effort from week 3 and I was anxious but I slowed down and gave it some breathing room. Safe to say I made it.

Last nights run was good, a lot more difficult with head wind and I started to feel the lactic acid build up in my calf's but no pain. This was on the second 3 min run and the 90 second walk felt worse than the run itself as I could truly feel how hard my legs have been working. Surprisingly I wasn't out of breath and I didn't reach my heart rate peak which I was surprised about. Last 5 mins I slowed down my pace to give my muscles a break and I made it home, finishing the full 5 mins and then picking up my pace to run the rest to my house. I felt like Rocky!

First time I had reached my lactic acid threshold and it felt like my muscles were working to there full potential. Its nice to know the difference.

I got home and I felt my calf's were Arnold Schwarzenegger! haha!

Today, they feel like nothing has happen. No pain or aches which is great!

The body is an amazing thing!

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Well done you. Its really good to see the effect the plan is having.

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That's the first thing I did plus foam roller-ed them!

I think it all helps with the healing.


That's Week 4 complete!!! booyahhhh!


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