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Completed W3

Finished week 3 today. Looking forward to a new challenge for the next run. I downloaded all the podcasts at once (partly cos I had difficulty finding them in the first place - can't get the app as I live abroad), and if I don't stop the podcast quickly enough it runs automatically into the next one, so I heard Laura say "We're getting serious this week.....". Gulp! But otherwise I haven't looked ahead.

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Yeay... go you!

Think about now.. not next...!

You're getting there... wow! :)


Hi - well done you, I am doing W3R1 tonight and looking forward to trying out my new trainers. Got them in the sale that is still on at Sp**tsDir**t were £80 and reduced to £20 so they better be good!!!! I am struggling with a raised appetite since I started with weight gain instead of loss in weeks 1 and 2. Any tips on beating those cravings?

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I gave into them myself yesterday evening! So probably not the best person to ask.

I think winter makes us more hungry (my own pet theory). I know I often have problems and rarely lose weight in winter, unless I am really focussed. That's happened about once in 50 years! I just try to struggle on and if I just maintain I can live with that. Then I'll go for the big push in spring - when I have graduated!

I just try to have healthy things to snack on (vegetable sticks, nuts) and stay as disciplined as I can.

The running will help you in the long run!

Enjoy the new trainers!


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