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Life after...


Graduated last week... Done a week of 3 x 5k full runs... Started my 2nd week today with a slower 5k run... My question is I’ve signed up to parkrun, would the end of my 2nd post grad week be too soon for it ? I’m still about 35 mins for the 5k so prob going to b at the back but just fancied a wee change and the parkrun maybe a welcomed distraction from my usual route...

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Not at all. Go for it and enjoy. I assume you've got your barcode. Your 5k time is brilliant, no worries with that, whatsoever. Have fun! 🙂

K44ldoGraduate in reply to Gran4z

Thanks for the reply 👍 Barcode is printed off and ready to go 👌

Gran4zGraduate in reply to K44ldo

fab., enjoy lots 🎉


Not too early at all. I did my first parkrun in week 8 - just did what the programme said, walk 5, run 28, then walked the rest. OK maybe an extra wee jog at the end just for show once I was in sight of the finish line :) That was 39 minutes (and quite a lot of seconds IIRC) and I was by no means last - some people walk the whole way. Go for it, you'll love it.

K44ldoGraduate in reply to ArthurJG

Good stuff, I’ll go for it Saturday then 👍

Not at all! I did my first one at wk 6 vv slow!! They looked after me beautifully!


Just enjoy it. You have put in all the groundwork to enable you to have a great time.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful if you have not read it yet.


Definitely go for it. I did my first after my first week of postgrad runs. It was so nice to be running with other people for a change and the encouragement from the other runners and marshalls really spurs you on. I was doing 37 mins but managed just over 35 on the Parkrun and came 339th out of 427. OK there are those who do it in 16 mins but there were plenty of people behind me.

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