Hanging onto treadmill

This might sound a bit odd. I'm on w8r2 having gone from couldn't run the 1minute in w1. That's all great and I'm really delighted - u just keep going and listening to Laura. But... I hang onto the side handles of the treadmill when I run, and I'm worried that I won't be able to run 'without hanging on' 😁 I do struggle with back pain and also plantar fasciitis (in the morning but usually fine when in running tho)

What's your thoughts on getting myself off the rails ??


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8 Replies

  • That does sound a bit odd, most of the drive when you run comes from your arms. Well done on getting to W8, give it a go, ... why not just try lifting your arms gradually?

  • Could you try 1 arm off first?

    If you walk on it do you still hold on? If not could you try doing a not on plan 5 minute or so where you walk without the rail and slowly increase speed without holding the rail until you are at the speed you run at not holding on?

  • I'm fine when walking - I can manage that but I get a bit unsteady when I run and also it seems a good bit more intense. I will persevere and try the one arm off technique too!

  • do you hold on if doing a brisk walk? It sounds like you just need a bit of confidence going quicker. Do you grip the rails? What about if you just put your fingertips on them to give you confidence that the rail is still there if you need it?

  • Whether walking or running I always have one hand on the rail -- and as I use a fitbit, it's usually my right hand so fitbit still gets all my steps. I've noticed I get splints more in my left left and I'm wondering if that's because holding on one side all the time is throwing off my gait or something. But I know what you mean. I know I need to let go of the rail soon, but it's like going downstairs...I always hold on to the rail because otherwise terrible things might happen!

  • That's a new one on me! Having to hang on when running! But great you got to where you are, but then I prefer running outside, and better for you if you can run outside eventually, no machine to dominate.

    I also get lower backache in the morning, but goes off & fine when running, gentle exercising should help particularly on the back, lay in the floor with shoulders flat and slowly bring up knee to chest & hold for 15 secs and repeat.. Keep up the good work, go through the minor niggles and you will reap the benefit's of your effort's..😄

  • What are your walking and running speeds on the treadmill?

    I would suggest going just, and I mean just, a bit faster than walking pace, so that you are doing a very very slow jog. See if you can manage that without holding on.

    Good luck


  • Try running outside? Or go back to W1R1 and see if you can let go?

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