Treadmill, never again

I'm currently working away from home for a couple of days, I was just heading out of the hotel for my run when I passed the gym and thought it might be a good idea to try running on a treadmill (which I'd not done as part of my c25k).

What a mistake, that was horrible, couldn't concentrate and the monotony of staring at a blank wall became too much; gave up after 2.5k, never again, give me the open road any time!

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  • Had wondered about the dreadmill for winter, maybe not!

  • I'd rather run in the wind and rain than on a dreadmill (I like that term, gonna claim it)

  • Already patented, seen someone using it here. πŸ˜„

  • Deleted....for fear of being sued:)

  • If you have suitable kit and not afraid of a bit of cold, the out doors can't be beaten!😊

  • I like my dreadmill, it means I can run continuously without having to stop for roads or being attacked by random dogs. I do prefer running outside more now though. When the blizzards, hail and strong winds come and you are all shivering I shall gloat!!

  • Last winter I just cut down the runs and waited for any bad weather to clear or maybe stopped running for a week and trained on my stat bike instead, which is also boring, so either watch TV or listen to music while spinning, which makes it more bearable for 20-30 mins..😊

  • I've never used a treadmill. In fact never used a gym in fact (gym hall at school I wouldn't count). I imagine it was designed by hamsters fed up with "hamster wheels" ! But "horses for courses" I suppose if those who use them benefit from it then fine. I don't think I would use one whatever the weather. But you should never say never ! If really bad I can cope with missing one day or fit in shorter runs at other times.

    I cycle to work whatever the weather and look on my running now as like food and drink (there's a famous quote somewhere on this but can't think of it at moment). Starting new routes when move home and may have to cross one or 2 roads and local lakes I run will be more populated with Humans and dogs . So there may be something to be said for doing the "hamster wheel" sorry "Treadmill" .

  • Sorry I've turned into Victor Meldrew ! I have nothing against people who use treadmills so don't shoot me !!

  • I definitely second your feelings about the treadmill - my first and so far only attempt on one was problematic

  • I hear you! Even though I'm a bit of a fair weather sportsman I'd much rather be outside than in the gym. All that sweat and germs, no thanks! The only time I've been on a treadmill was for gait analysis. I nearly threw up afterwards but that wasn't surprising as I'm generally prone to travel sickness. That said, I'm considering an indoor trainer for my bike as the local woods where I run and cross train are already starting to muddy up. Hopefully if I spend enough money it won't wobble around too much!

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