Treadmill seasickness

I run on treadmill (I like the discipline of having to keep the speed going), and I am fine all the way through until the cooldown when I start to feel a bit dizzy/faint/queezy. It is like seasickness. I don't get it when I run outside, and think it's my head trying to equate the lack of moving surroundings to the obvious movement I am doing.

Only way I have found round it is to do the 5 min cooldown, then really slowly decrease the speed, eventually stopping and clinging to the frame until the earth stops spinning...if I need to get off the treadmill halfway through for whatever reason I genuinely feel like I am going to puke. It takes about 10 minutes at the end of the run for me to be able to leave the treadmill.

Anyone else get this? Anyone know how to stop it or make it less naff?


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11 Replies

  • I don't often use a treadmill, but also have to be careful when I stop as I feel kind of dizzy. I think it is a type of motion sickness. A recovery time of 10 minutes does sound pretty extreme. Maybe you need to take the running outside and just learn to master your pace issues.

    I hope you find a solution. Stick with it!

  • I bought a treadmill once, tried it, felt seasick, sold it again.

  • That's why I run outside and only use the treadmill if it is too atrocious outside

  • Yeah every single time I get so queasy n think I'm going to puke! I've no words of wisdom I just stick to outside but it's not just the cool down its the whole thing for me! Wish it wasn't cause its best getting soaked to the skin n frostbite lol

  • Blimey, that's useful information. I was thinking of joining the gym with a free first month specifically to try their new shiny treadmills! I can feel carsick even when I'm driving sometimes! I'd most likely have similar problems then.

    I've heard people on here talk about watches that tell then if their pace is dropping, might that help?

  • The roads are free :)

    Gyms cost

    Treadmills cost.

  • Hi. I use the treadmills when my running buddy isn't up for a run (too chicken to run outside by myself!) and I was getting the same thing. I found showing down really gradually after cool down then a minute or two standing before getting off the treadmill helps. I still get a little swimmy headed but nowhere near as bad as the first month or so!

  • I also felt sick after using the treadmill when I first started using it but after 4 months it has stopped. I always slow right down to 1km before I stop it though

  • I use the treadmill all the time and only once or twice have I felt ill at the end. I put it down to working out too hard, but maybe it's something else. I always do a cool down session afterwards.

    It sounds like there is something else going on in your case. Feeling queesy for 10 minutes is a long time, even if you overdo it a bit. If your symptoms are to do with exercising in general rather than just the treadmill I think you'd be wise to tell your doctor.

  • I wish I'd read this post before going for gait analysis the morning! Mistakenly I followed the parkrun with a cooked breakfast and then went to a local running shop. Bad move-nearly threw up. Still, looking on the bright side I'll be collecting these bad boys next week:

    Onwards and upwards, folks.

  • I tried one once during gym induction - got motion sickness and nearly fell off the back just from a few minutes! The instructor told me it's quite common and said not to bother with it. Running outside is sooooo much nicer anyway!

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