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Moving from treadmill to outside


Hi I'm after some advice,

I'm now on wk 7 but I run on a treadmill in the gym. I originally set out to do this as training for race4life in June. I've always hated running as I'm overweight and when I ran it hurt.

I've now found that I'm actually enjoying the challenge and I've lost 1stone 7pounds so it doesn't hurt as much.

When I've graduated I'm going to start running outside rather than in the gym but I'm worried it's going to be so much more difficult and I'll give up

Can anyone give me advice

Thank you

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It is just different. There have been loads of posts about this transition from in to out:)

Start slow., stay slow initially.

Indoor runs are generally in a controlled environment. When you head outside, there are lots of variables; weather, wind, elevation, and surface type . Start at a pace that is a bit slower than your treadmill runs to get used to the outdoor differences. Then, you will find as you get used to the different environment , your pace will improve :)

You need to take it gently and take care, especially if off road, but, and there are lots of us who feel as I do, running outside is the best thing ever:)

Try some runs, just to get a feel for it and don't be afraid to take walking breaks...

A walk break is not a problem,helping your transition and making you more confident.. Inserting one or several 30-second to one minute walks into the middle of your run can, be useful.

I feel, that you will really enjoy it... just relax and keep us posted:)

Maisiemoo73Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you that's some great advice. I've got a park near me that is perfect to run round and it's all paved so I'll try there first.

Thanks again x


It is different!!! I have done most of my running over the past 4 years outside- but now for various reasons I have to run sometimes in the gym on the treadmill. It has some good points about it - I can do a run which has basically a constant effort/pace level ( no hills etc_ BUT I am finding that I suffer from cardio drift far more than I do outside. Where I live it is hot and I have to avoid running in the heat of the day. So a nice cool airconditioned gym might be good??? NO!!! - my body temperature inside the airconditioned gym rises alarmingly along with my heart rate!! :)

Maisiemoo73Graduate in reply to Bazza1234

Yeah I know what you mean even in the cold weather we have had I've found the gym suffocating. I also find I get bored as I'm looking at the same thing for 30 mins. I'm looking forward to getting outside

sarah65 in reply to Maisiemoo73

I’ve always loved being outside. I used to look enviously at runners when I was out walking my dogs. There’s just something about being out there in all weathers, feeling the wind in your face, hearing the birds singing, appreciating the seasonal changes around you - it’s all part of the experience for me. My goal is to be running through beautiful places, with my dog. That’s it ! Come outside - you’ll love it!

Maisiemoo73Graduate in reply to sarah65

Thank you I'm looking forward to it especially now it's getting lighter and the weather is better x


Well done on your weight loss so far 👍🏻 sounds like you’re doing great! Tbh I switch between outside and inside running for various reasons and it is different but I feel great for just doing it regardless!!

Everyone will tell you go slow and steady and that is the best bit of advice you can get!! Happy running 🏃🏼‍♀️ x


I think in many ways it’ll be easier. Less tedious, certainly 😃

Accentuate the positive 👍🏃‍♀️

I love the complete freedom of running outside. It’s fab 👍🏃‍♀️🙂


Congratulations on the weight loss. I do some runs on the treadmill and some outside. Running outside is less predictable so can seem more difficult, but I find the time goes much more quickly, and that I get more of a buzz from it.

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