Week 7 Run 2

Week 7 Run 2

Hi all,

That's another one under my belt! I can't even believe that I'm nearly at week 8! This is mad!!! Haha!

I went slightly further, slightly faster tonight. Amazing what a crap day at work can make you do!!!! I did need this tonight though! I am definitely enjoying having that time and head space at the end of the day!

Hope everyone is doing okay!

Elsie xxx

4 Replies

  • Yep, even when I feel a bit rubbish and tired I always feel better for a good run! Good luck with your last few weeks, sounds like it's going really well😀

  • Oh well done Elsie, I can tell you that it's plain sailing now.... X week 8 is a doddle

  • You are doing fantastic. Well done Elsie you will soon be in the graduation lounge. :)

  • Well done Elsie. Doing great girl!

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