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Week 1 Day 1 - Fourth time lucky!


After three attempts at completing week on day one (falling a little less short each time) I have finally succeeded! I dedicate my success to pushing cars up snowy hills in North Yorkshire at the weekend!! (See below) Looking forward to the next two runs being a little easier as I stay the same, but already very nervous about stepping up to week two. Is it very much harder?

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Go you...! Well done..! Also...for pushing cars up snowy hills too!

Don't worry about what is to come... it all follows on so steadily that if you just take it slow and steady.. it will come fairly naturally. Some runs are harder than others, because we are only human... but there are also some days when it all seems just so easy...!

Different for all of us...and we have all struggled with some bits I am sure!

I even dreamt about one of my week's runs later on in the programme! How silly!

Follow Laura, go with the support on here and you will get there...:)

Well done for keep going at it.. Week 2 is really just a nice and steady progress from week one! You can do it!

Well done you, you have done the hard bit by getting out and taking the challenge! It good to hear you stuck at it, it doesn't matter how long it takes to complete each level, there's no set time frame. But trust Laura and you will get there, good luck for the rest of the challenge. 😊


Well done you. Fantastic that you stuck in there and completed the week. It really shows that you have the mental toughness required for this old running gig :) .

Dont worry about week 2. As the esteemed posters above have stated, its a progression and I am sure you will manage.

Slow and steady really does win the race so keep up the good work.

Looking forward to reading about your journey 👍

Brilliant :) Now you're really on your way because you've seen you can do it. It honestly will come together and you will love seeing what your body can do as you move on through the programme. I kept thinking I wouldn't be able to manage the next step but it works and when your muscles are ready, you just do manage it, even if it can feel like a right struggle. Bit like shoving that car uphill through frozen Yorkshire! Probably was amazing exercise for your legs eh? Not perhaps very easy to appreciate at the time.

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