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Foot Pain

First the good news, Ive been persevering with alternate day runs (wk1) since the new year, feeling an great sense of achievement and much better in myself, I've also lost over half a stone calorie counting. The problem I've got now is pain in one foot, under the arch radiating around the ankle and up to the knee. I've read previous posts and see the exercises I should try. What I could do with knowing is should I push through the pain and keep trying to run? Today I could feel the pain when walking but as soon as I tried to run the pain was awful so I just walked the course. Thank you.

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you have some pain.

I don't have any medical knowledge at all so this is just my opinion--but I tend to feel that pain is a sign that you should take it easy.

There is a kind of pain that is stiffness after a run or exercise---this tends to wear off after some gentle movement in my experience and it shouldn't get worse as you run.

If it were me I would rest up and not try to run until the pain goes. It is better to be safe than sorry. If the pain does not go I would see a GP or a physio. It might go away after a bit of rest.

Well done for losing weight and generally being healthy. Hope the pain goes away soon.

Good luck

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Thank you. Hope I don't need medical help!

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