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And it's goodbye from me

Sadly after struggling for too long, I finally "tore" something when lifting a heavy box - fast forward 3 months and I have a lot of damage to my left hip, which has probably been going on for years, but I tried to ignore it, 'cos that's what us mums do!

I have to have a hip arthroscopy, bone shaping, cartilage repair, will be on crutches for weeks, and absolutely no running in the future, ever! Mind you, I can't walk beyond 20 minutes at the moment anyway. 6 months ago I was hiking in the Rockies, white water rafting, now I can't even do up my laces!

Sooo - advice - don't ignore those niggles - get them properly evaluated by a sports doc, who knows their stuff BEFORE it turns into something more serious.

Good luck to all doing c25k - I really enjoyed it, don't regret a minute of it, and will be forever proud that I "did it!"

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Sorry to hear all that. I hope your surgery and rehab go smoothly. Feel rightly proud of what you achieved. I'm sure the spirit that got you through the programme will help now.

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Oh Janey how very sad. To be told you can no longer do something that you enjoy is devastating. Your warning to take our niggles and pains seriously is a wise one and well made. Hope your recovery from surgery is smooth and speedy. The determination you showed in completing c25k will, I'm sure, serve you well in rebuilding your fitness in the coming weeks and months. Very very best of luck 😀


So sad to hear this. Best of luck for your recovery and the future x


Aw I'm sorry to hear that. I thoroughly agree though with your advice. Definitely best to get niggles seen too- often they are so much easier to address and prevent and treat at earlier stages, for a fraction of the effort and cost. Leaving these niggles can often as not lead to doing irreparable damage, all because you didn't want to moan, bother a doctor or just didn't want the inconvenience of getting it looked at! (Not aimed at you but lots of people with busy lives and who aren't demanding). It's so much better just to put yourself first and go to the doctor sooner rather later!


That sounds drastic Janey. So sorry you have to go through this now. I really hope it all goes well. Take good care of yourself


Sad to see you go. But but but ...... you never know..... After all this repair work, you may be a new woman.

Who knows...give it a year or two and then ...... Start thinking about it.

Sometimes repairs are better than the original anyway. Never say never.

Good luck with your ops, take care of yourself 100% and look forward to the future.


So sorry to hear that. I am surprised the medics are so definite about the running, unless they are very clear that this is specific to your particular situation and taking everything into account - my Dad has plenty of peers with new joints still running about in their 70s and 80s (not slamming it on tarmac though I suspect) In my experience consultants tend not to be holistic and focus entirely on their specialism (eg when I was first ill - rheumatologist saying "Take aspirin, lots of it", gastro-enterologist "Don't take aspirin!") so the orthopaedic folk may not be thinking of your cardiovascular needs.

You'll be in a much better position to cope with the surgery and recover well having done all this work on your fitness. Doing the exercises diligently afterwards seems to be key... something else you've got a track record in.


that's such a shame. You're rightly proud of your c25k achievement. Good luck to you


Oh goodness! Hope all the surgery goes really well for you. Sound advice too.

On the positive were out there.. you did it .. and loads of other things too!!

Maybe focus on just getting through everything and thinking about new adventures, different kinds..:)

I think I read somewhere...Try not to be afraid when things change... you may lose something good.. but you may find something better! :)


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