Week 8 and an extra few rest days?

So yesterday I ran W8 R2 and was planning R3 tomorrow. I'm really pleased I've got this far and simply will not give up!!!


Right hip was extremely painful towards the end of yesterday's 28 minutes and is still pretty sore today. I'm not sure what it is but it's not new, I've always had hip pain when I walk really long distances and can't usually go more than 10miles. Feels more bony than muscular but I'm not an expert.

So. New plan. I don't want to make things worse by pushing myself to run tomorrow if it's still painful but it's clear I need to do something so I'm going to swim today and will try some Pilates if I can tomorrow. Also the exercises that OldFloss recommended! Then perhaps I'll go for W8 R3 Monday or Tuesday and see how it goes.

I will not give up!!


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9 Replies

  • Sounds like a great plan to me 👍🏻

  • Hope so. I've just read your post from yesterday- hope your shins feel better soon. I guess an extra rest day or two might help both of us. Hopefully. I'm assuming my body just needs to get used to the new regime!

  • It's your body protesting at the new exertion. Have an extra day or so

    If it persists you might need to see a doc. My guess is as you get stronger you will lose the niggles. Just go slowly'

  • Thanks - great advice. I was really despondent but getting through it now. I'll get there, slowly 😉

  • You can't hurry your fitness. Your our body will only do what it can. You can't short circuit the process

    Nine weeks is not a long time in the scheme of things. After that your running take take you wherever you want to go 🙂

  • Poor you! Frustrating times, but definitely the right approach. Not giving up, rather ensuring you can continue to the end and beyond.

    My thighs have been niggling and not recovering with a one day gap but getting worse each time. I only have one run to go but am leaving three or four days gap this time to make sure it has a time to recover before any real damage is done. Small wait in the grand scheme of things :)

    Good luck!

  • Exactly as you say - small wait in the grand scheme of things. Fighting my natural impatience!! Hope the last run for you goes well, I'm sure it will!!

  • You are doing great! I was having some hip pain and got gait assessed and new trainers and not had any problems. i was going to go out today but might be too hot now!

  • Definitely too hot today!!! Good luck for next time though 😀

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