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four seasons in one day!

well what a run this morning! it was dry as i left the house at 6.20am. About 5 mins in it started to spit a little - that was OK - quite refreshing, by 10 mins it was pouring and the wind got up a bit so whilst my body was warming up and my fingers were poking from under my sleeves, my face was feeling it! from 20 - 25 mins it was snowing and then back to rain again! But as we've said before - once you're wet, you're wet and you do feel oh so smug after! :)

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Oh yes.. brilliant run.. go you!


I had my gloves, shorts, Merino wool baselayer and running top on earlier. No rain here but the wind was up and my face did hurt for about the first ten minutes.

Wrap up warm out there folks!


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