First ever run! Are my result respectable?

First ever run! Are my result respectable?

I haven't run since school and to be honest I've let myself go abit (I blame my girlfriends cooking for that!) and my New Years resolution was to try and get fit! Because we have just had a baby who is now 1 month old and I want to be able to run around the park causing havoc with her without keeling over! So I thought I'd start the C25K plan and see how I get on......

Anyway I was just wondering if my results were respectable and for any tips and hits to help my get off to the best possible start :)



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  • Nothing wrong with that stef, very respectable indeed. I heartily recommend the NHS c25k podcasts, they get you through the pain. And congratulations on the baby!

  • Thank you! I actually used the nhs one to listen to! It does encourage you quite a lot! But I saw this other app listed and downloaded it just for times and speeds etc as I thought it would be helpful to know :)

  • Well done Stef !

    I would recommend switching to the NHS C25K podcast/app. You get the lovely Laura with you every step of the way and lots of fantastic advice and tips !

    Give it a whirl ! :-) xxx

  • I actually listened to the nhs podcast as I was running :) I just used an app that I found on my phone to see how far I ran and what my speed was etc :) I found the lady on the Nhs podcast to be very encouraging and makes you want to keep running!

  • Ah sorry I misunderstood xxx

    Yes, Laura is a true goddess , keep going Stef, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations on getting out there and starting running. Congratulations on becoming a dad too!

  • Thank you!

  • Well done Stef, you're doing great. However, I would urge you to be cautious. You're running quite quickly and you may not be able to maintain that pace when the running intervals get longer. Also, you say it's only a month since you had a baby. Have you had the all clear from your doc or midwife to run? Usually people wait until after their 6 week check up before undertaking strenuous exercise. I'm not trying to be a killjoy and I'm in awe of you being able to run so soon after having a baby, but I would suggest you check with your GP before continuing. As I say, I don't want to discourage you, I just want to ensure you stay safe. 😀

    Edit: My mistake -I gather you're the baby's dad not the mum. Lol 😂

  • Yes I am the father 😂😂 Stef can go either way though! 😂😂 and okay so I should try and run a little bit slower? I've probably picked up the bad habit of sprinting because I used to play football at school and obviously jogging slowly isn't much use there, but I'll keep that In mind and try to slow up abit on my next run!

  • Well done Stef, keep going it does get easier!


  • Thank you!

  • I don't think you should be the slightest bit concerned about speed or distance at this stage! Just completing the runs is respectable enough.

    Good luck!

  • First of all, a completed walk-run is fantastic whatever the speed. Running at your run speed, that is pretty fast. You may find as run times increase over the next few weeks, the best way to complete it is to slow down. Running fast is not necessary to graduate and speed can come much later but well done

  • Slow jogging. The holy grail of c25k 😊

  • Yes, I wholeheartedly concur. You're learning form and training lungs/heart and strngthening legs at this stage, so don't even consider your pace/distance. The slower the better, really.

    That said, the main result is that you got out there and did Day 1, and that is hugely respectable. Stick with it.

  • Hi Stef, what is the name of the app you are using to record times, distance etc, it seems very detailed and i would like to have that on my phone. Thank you.

  • It is called couch to 5k and it's by active network, llc. It comes in a pack, 5k 10k and half Marathon

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