Done it!!!

I am feeling very proud of myself, I have just finished W9R3. Not bad for a 64 year old lass. I am amazed that I actually enjoy it. Many thanks to friends and family for their help and encouragement.Really enjoy reading all the posts on here and find them very helpful. I have managed to hit 4K, now to build up slowly to 5!! Right off to get my graduation badge.

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  • Not bad at all- in fact it's amazing :) Well done!!

  • Well done Lonerider! :) Bet your family are proud of you.

  • Fantastic ! Very well done you.

  • So you jolly well should be feeling proud! Well done you! :-)

  • Congratulations. It takes lots of commitment but you've done it! Massive achievement :-)

  • Well done! You can take the rest of the day off before planning your next adventure ;)

    So what is next then - parkrun or are you going to sign up for a 10K... ;)

    Seriously, that's a fantastic achievement.

  • Well done Lonerider, that is an amazing achievement. I'm a newbie here, started today and I hope that one day I will be at your level.

    Well done you!

  • That is inspirational, well done. I am 52 and graduated around 15 weeks ago, feels like a victory for more mature ladies - go you, sounds as if you have a great fan base!

  • Brilliant! Huge Congratulations...We slightly more mature ladies need to stick together., and show the younger folk it can be done!

    (I am 65 and graduated the week before you, I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it, not just the running, but loads of other benefits.

    Get your it off proudly.... and then, maybe Couch to 5K+...I can really recommend it..great fun! :)

  • Good on you! I bet your friends and family are very proud.

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