Couch to 5K

6.5k run and signed up for a 6k night run!

I ran 6.5k yesterday and no shin pain! Was very pleased! Think I need to find some new routes though as running round the same park and scenery isn't that exciting. Maybe if I get up early enough on a Sunday I'll try a long run along the Thames while its not packed with tourists? Or adventure to Greenwich or Hyde Park? It would end up being quite time consuming though.. The park near me is best for my week 30 min runs though as its so near my house.

Anyway, got a charity 5k run next Sunday and have signed up in March to a 6k national trust night run in the dark with my cousin & sister. Hopefully will sign up to a 10k in April with a friend next week! Maybe I've really got the running bug??

Anyway, keep at it everyone!

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I'd give the Thames route a go, you might find you can dodge the tourists...Hyde Park would be lovely too, beautiful place. Are you having to run on grass? If not the worlds your lobster...


Yeah, I did my first 5k race in Hyde park, it was lovely. I was trying to run on grass as much as possible, and I like having the option. Other than that I just like the peace of not dodging traffic- a rarity in this part of London- or pedestrians- again it gets incredibly busy round here even walking is a struggle- and some nice scenery! My ultimate dream would be a summer 6/7am weekend run along southbank as the sun rises- that would be fun! I think you are right though, I can run anywhere I want if I don't mind pavement and I should do some exploring- mind you parts of south London aren't nice to run around on your own...


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