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I'm back :) 6k done today

Hello everyone!

Haven't posted for a while as I had a really busy December, and then time goes so fast over the festive season! But I have been lurking and taking inspiration from all your posts, so thank you for that!

So today I upped my distance and ran 6km in 40mins. I'm chuffed to bits! In December, my running seemed to go backwards in that I just got slower and slower! I had a 5k personal best of 32.29 in November and then I just got slower! I think it's because I was really tired from work and I had to go down to just one run a week. But I really got back in the zone over Christmas and ran at least twice a week. Between Christmas and New Year, my 5k was at about 35 mins. Running quite a few times I got it back down to 33 mins by last Friday, so I was really pleased about that. For most of December I just had to be pleased that I had got out there and been for a run, rather than worrying about timings etc.

I thought it was time it try and up my distance now I'm back in track, so I did 6k today. I was pleased with the time, but more than that, my Garmin tells me that I ran at roughly the same average pace as my 33min 5k (around 6.40 per k) I thought I'd be much slower and I was trying to take it easy, so that was a nice surprise!

I've also changed my route. I used to run round the park but for the last three runs I've run a circuit through town. I think it's roughly 2.5 k as I had to do it twice and a bit more to get to 6k. Feeling quite tired this evening but v pleased I did it.

Happy running everyone!

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that is brilliant ,really hoping for the same as you because I'm getting tired and slower atm. Your story makes me think that its just a phase and that I will get through it xx


I found 5k was a real challenge for many weeks after graduation. I did manage to speed up a little (43 minutes on graduation to 33 minutes) - this was without really thinking about speed development though, it just happened. I wanted to be more focussed on distance and one day, just ran on to 5.5k, then I did a 6, a 7, then 10! I think running the 5ks builds a very good fitness base. Well done to you, remember there is also a 10k forum here too, they are a good source of support too


Fab news Laura! I think putting the runs in really pays off and it is a great feeling to see it all come together. Well done☺!

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Well done! I ran 6.5k yesterday, I have stopped worrying about 5k times :) my best was 35 mins on Boxing Day but realistically I don't think it will get much faster- potentially with time, but my goal is probably to get to a slow 10k (without shin splints)


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