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I've done it!!! (well, WE have really) :-)

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Week 9, Day 3 just completed and without being too boastful, this week I've done 3 runs all around 35 minutes and just over 5k each time! I know it was overkill, I know it was probably an ego thing but once I'd faltered in my first Week 9 attempt due to illness, I started the week again feeling like I'd only scrape about 20 minutes if I was lucky. I was wrong, Monday felt good so I spurred on as my watch told me it was only another 0.5k to hit the magic 5k ... I did the same again on Thursday although not feeling quite so perky and this morning as still not 100% I told myself that 30 minutes would do, I could claim my badge with honesty but the OCD in me dictated that despite feeling like it wasn't going to happen, I'd soldier on and do another 5k.

So ... here I am 10 weeks after starting and marvelling at the fact that from being a non runner, a non exerciser in fact, I can now call myself a runner. My husband who has been one for quite some time is a little bit amazed but pleased that eventually we'll be able to run together (he came a few times to stroll alongside me for moral support!) but I want to thank each and every one of you who've read my posts, commented, encouraged and talked sense when needed after 'one of those days' . I was fully prepared to repeat weeks, take as long as I needed but I knew that I wanted to do this and that it was achievable if I did things properly so to everyone just starting, working through or who is now encouraging people like me, I think you're all amazing and I'm so glad that I decided to give this a shot. Now ... where's my badge?! :-)

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Oh well done wez!!!!! Extra kudos for completing when you're feeling under the weather. That's true grit, that is. I was thinking of you and wondering if you'd done your r3, mine is planned for today too but I think I'll be content with the 30 mins.

Enjoy, enjoy and go treat yourself to something nice :)

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Thanks! And good luck to you too, will be waiting to see your post and your badge appear! :-)

Well done especially going above and beyond in the final week. More than justifies that weekend tipple.


Fantastic! Congratulations on graduating!πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€


Congratulations! You should feel very proud of yourself. Graduation and 5k all at one go!

Congratulations - enjoy that feeling.


Brilliant... Congratulations.... you did it! It is an amazing feeling... just bask in the glory :)


Yes, you are feeling confident and that is a great achievement. Now u have done it though, steady up and settle into a running routine. Let your body recover and then start with a slow build up in distance maybe. The programme is fantastic but I just found I needed to allow a little recovery before pushing myself too hard! Really impressive distance and time too, what is next for you do u think? Being free of the programme opens up so much πŸ˜€

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Thanks JoolieB ... was having that conversation with myself just now. I want to keep running 3 times a week and if I do nothing more than 3 30s I'll be satisfied as long as I keep it up. Ideally I'm thinking of a 30 minutes, a 5k and stretching my 3rd run each week little by little to see how far I can get but I won't be doing ridiculous distances and I certainly won't be pushing myself to a point where I get hurt or can't sustain it. My goal is just to keep moving, regularly and to have a bit of fun in the process now I know what I can do :-)

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The freedom of being able to run for 30 minutes opens up new places to discover. One of my favourites is round a lake, also through the woods. I like the idea of your varied runs, I think this is brilliant. Have you thought of introducing another sport. I am starting training for longer runs and cross training (cycling, swimming, aerobics) is recommended as it allows u to rest ur running muscles and correct movement errors. Maybe check out the 10k forum, great people there too and keep posting on the 5k one too to encourage new people,myou now are an experienced C25K runner, well done πŸ˜€

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