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Off the injury couch

back in the middle of October I had a very sore foot. We have a great system at the local hospital, where you can do a self referral, and I got an appointment in less than 2 weeks. The physio said it was a tendon problem and gave me exercises. She signed me off before Christmas but said to build up slowly on the treadmill.

I have been doing that but yesterday was the first time back at Jog Scotland. Most people were a bit jaded after the holidays, but it was a beautiful day so we all did a few laps of the track at our own speed, chatting and enjoying it and I was still run/walking, but building up the running. We then went in to do some easy circuits. It felt great and today even better. So back on track now to continue building back up.

I started c25k in January 2 years ago so I see this as an anniversary.

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Thats good news , glad you're feeling better and back out there! 😊We must have started at a similar time, my 2 year runniversary was on Tuesday!


You did well to get seen by a physio so soon ☺ you could keep doing the physio as it helps strengthening. The stronger your body the better you will run ☺ Easy runs for a while would be a good plan. Rest up if your symptoms recur. Hopefully you'll be good to go from here on in


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