mojo :/

Have had a couple of disappointing/humiliating runs recently where I've struggled with both breathing and hence stamina. I almost know what your advice will be as I know many of you have experienced the same. I don't want to lose the progress I have made so will try again tomorrow. Although my 5K is taking significantly longer its still better than nothing .Isnt it?


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  • Try not to worry and remember the words of Goddess Laura : A bad run is better than no run at all .

    Is there any reason you can think of why you are struggling with your breathing , is it something thats just happened recently ? xxx

  • perhaps a slight cold that I'm trying to keep at bay and the extra pounds I'm carrying due to eating everything that wasn't stapled down these past two weeks.

    Its kind of you to take the trouble to reply poppypug xx

  • No problem at all , I am happy to help if I can :-)

    I would say as long as you havent got a sore throat or chest infection keep at it . Maybe some slow, steady shorter runs just to keep you ticking over ? I know exactly what you mean though, I have eaten far too much over Christmas and it feels like Im lugging extra baggage around :-)

    I am looking forward to getting out there and trying to run most of it off !

    Take care xxx

  • I always start my slow deep breathing on the warm up walk, then the oxygen is already increasing. Also when I run, my breathing is slow and deep too, I never gasp for breath. If I was struggling to breathe, I would slow my pace so I can run comfortably. Someone told me to relax my shoulders down too, apparently this expands the lungs, allowing more air to get into them

  • Hey, no reason to feel a run is humiliating. As you know, we always say that everyone has good runs and bad ones. Sometimes for no apparent reason and sometimes because of something out of kilter. If you are fighting off a cold that will have an impact.

    You won't lose your progress if you need to rest up for a few days.

    Speed and enjoyment will return - and you will bounce back.

    Don't be downhearted! You're still out there doing it!

  • thankyou Ullyrunner x

  • A mile is still a mile, no matter how long it takes, and it beats the majority who don't even get off the couch.

    I had a crap run on Monday, but a run is a run !

  • youre right islandrunner ,thankyou x

  • I've been struggling to keep going for the non-stop 30 minutes since graduation too, especially with the breathing. But I worked out that I was actually running a bit faster now (tho I'm still pretty slow!) so I guess I've got to get used to a bit more pace. Could this be your issue perhaps?

  • I think lace really does affect breathing and while it is ok to have a faster pace if you are more experienced, while going through the programme, I found it better to focus on my run time

  • I think it sounds like you are doing great, why because you are keeping going. The reality is that due to all sorts of factors some runs will feel easier than others and some will be quicker than others. However if you keep at it over time you WILL improve and you will lose weight.

    What divides those who will succeed and those who won't is those that stop after a few runs which didn't feel so easy and those that keep going. There is no such thing as a bad run, a bad run is no run at all!

  • Pyueck I intend to keep going, thankyou for your reply

  • You haven't lost any progress. Today's run might be tough, tomorrow's run might come easy. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it, don't worry about it. It keeps me in check to remember that it's a journey, not a destination. We get busy, injured, stressed out, holiday-ed out, sick, happier, more motivated, etc, and run faster, slower, shorter, longer - it changes. It'll keep ebbing and flowing and that's just fine. The important thing is to keep getting out there. There has been times where I can pull a 10k out of nowhere that feels amazing. The next day I'm huffing, puffing and taking walk breaks on a 3 k run. Don't think too much on it. Just run.

  • Don't worry, some runs are better than others - that's the way the cookie crumbles, cupcake... If you're getting out there and running, then you're on top of it. The cold and the dark isn't exactly inspiring, and as rwd says, we are affected by a multitude of things at any one moment. So don't let the gremlins get to you - and don't expect too much of yourself. Remember what it was like when you started this adventure, and it'll change your take on what you call a "successful" run. Keep on running :D

  • Yes! It's better than nothing, even 20-30 mins running or brisk walking is better than nothing. Last week I did 2 laps of brisk walking around a local park which is all tarmac paths, with my wife, as she can't stay with me at the moment when I run. That took just under 40 mins.

    So, just to do something is much better than nothing, even at this time of year when it's dull and horrible...

  • I found 5k was still a big challenge after graduating and some runs were a real slog. Suddenly though it seemed to get easier and that's when I just ran on for a further .5 of a km. since then, my confidence and stamina have grown and I can run 10ks. Be patient, your body will let u know when u can do a bit more because it will feel easier again. Bi still find my parkrun 5k difficult so never underestimate how difficult it is to run, keep plodding on - it's not a race!!

  • Sometimes it can pay to mix things up a bit - how about running the next run as an interval run? I've been back and used week1 as an interval run (run the run parts and slow jog the walk elements). Mixing up the pace while you are running can help get your breathing back on track, too.

    Like everyone says though, don't beat yourself up thinking of it as a bad run - you ran!! Think how impressed you would have been seeing someone else do that 'bad' run when you were setting out to do week1 and running for 60sec was hard. You are doing great - keep it up!

  • In my experience, short though it is, if I'm struggling to get my breath I've gone too quick, slow it right down. Also someone told me to make sure you don't hunch over, which is natural if you're tired, think of a helium balloon tied to your head

    Be proud, you're up and out there, not content to just sit on the couch and that is amazing

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