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Week 9, Day 1 ... revisited!


Me again ... you may remember be being a little bit smug about doing Wk 9 Day 1 with a cold and still managing it on 28th December ... well, safe to say it bit me on the bum as for the rest of the week flu had descended and a chest infection to boot! Didn't set foot outside in my trainers for a week. Until tonight ... it was time to try again despite still looking and sounding like a zombie with bad attitude but I felt better than I had for the last 7 days and I wanted to even just go for however long I could manage even if less than the 30 intended ...

... well ...

To say I'm gobsmacked is an understatement ... somehow I've been out for 36 minutes and done 5k! First time ever!!! Just had a delirious shower, rechecked the stats under the eagle eye of runner hubs who was a bit shocked I think (!) and it's true ... so, I have graduation in my sights as I need to do this honestly and complete 2 more 30s this week but I'm over the moon and amazed but above all, if this sceptical couch spud can do it, so can you! Best of luck to those starting out, this really does work and to those who have graduated and everyone else who has encouraged me, thank you ! :-)

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Well done Wez, great achievement :)

Sadly, running with a heavy cold often makes things worse, driving the germs deep into the lungs so they hang around for much longer than they otherwise would. It's a mistake lots of us have made. All part of the learning process, I guess. Good luck with your remaining runs in w9 :)

Glad you're feeling a bit better and well done getting straight back into it!


Oh that's so brilliant! The only reason I haven't been out is festive overeating! Only just graduated before Christmas and I don't want to lose it so I must kick myself out there!

Family have dared me to do a 10k in September! Must get going again. Well done you!

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