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5k on Hogmanay!


Hi all,

I hope you've had an excellent Christmas and start to 2016 with whatever drink of your choice :-)

I was planning on doing the 5k on Christmas day but on Christmas eve I fell over again onto the same knee as the week previously and was out of action. Thankfully just some swelling a few cuts and some rather pretty bruising.

Anyway, yesterday was The Day. We set out and were nearly at the park when I desperately needed the loo. A lovely lady at a pub let me use the loo despite not being open (best of wishes to her for her kindness!) and then we were at the park.

We had decided to do a 2k then walk after each 1k following that. However, after the 2k and our first 5 min walk I felt good, so we ended up doing the last 3k in one block which I am still amazed by!

When we got home Gabby the Garmin told us that we had done an equal split and we had actually done closer to 6k with the walk in a time of around 55mins, so by no means a fast run.

I think I pushed too hard and felt a wee bit sick, so I think it might have been to do with the duration of the run.

Anyway, that was my 'F***k 2015' run, and I am jolly glad it's a new year and I'm starting it with my compression socks on, the way I hope this year continues! So happy new year folks, I wish you all a happy, injury free, ruuning-ful 2016 :-)

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Ha ha - well done and all the best for 2016.

Your 2015 Christmas seems to involve a lot of falling over - perhaps a dry January is called for!

Returning2RunGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

I would, except I don't drink! Thank you, all the best for the year to you as well :-)

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