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Just back from my run in the dark and drizzle over slippery cobblestones whilst all and sundry were firing their arsenal of bangers and fireworks from windows and balconies onto the street. It was like being in a shelled city in world war 3 and I may have run a bit faster than usual - moving target etc. Lots of things I like about life here on the continent but New Year isn't one of them. Missing Blighty a bit, sniff.

Happy New Year everyone and happy running!

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There were quite a few fireworks here last night too - and you wouldn't miss the storms and floods we have been having!

Our thoughts always turn to home and our roots at important times of the year, but don't be sad, 2016 dawns now and there will be much to look forward to, I'm sure. I don't know where you are at the moment, but this is a truly international forum and you will always be at home here. X


I don't mind fireworks when they're not being tossed out onto the street but I knew what to expect and I went out anyway. No fool like an old fool. No chance of running today though. Fireworks went on all night, still going strong at 6 a.m.! A lot of tired kids today I think.


You are not the only expat on the forum. Quite a few of us live on the continent or even further afield. I miss the UK a bit especially around Christmas but on the whole I prefer being here.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Cath!

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