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Club run

Club run

Enjoyed the club run today, although weather was dull & drizzly, and the hill was hard for me again, think I may need some more core strength, as seeming to flag early on the inclines, I try to pickup but can't sustain pace. So will have to work on that, been advised to do planks.

Do know about doing planks! but being last up the hill & I felt a right plank! Ha Ha! Nearly went flat on my face! eh pops! All good fun!

The guy with the dogs in the photo did Parkrun yesterday and came in 2nd position with a time of 20.20 in muddy was his restday today running the dogs! Happy New Year all..😀

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Ha ha Dave ! :-D

I totally understand what youre saying regarding core strength. It is hard for me too to sustain pace and I tend to flag towards the end of a run.

Its all a learning curve I think Dave. I have started working on intervals , sprinting to lamp posts and then jogging to the next one and I think a good core strength is the key.

I am running again tomorrow, I will definitely try and keep on my feet for that one ! :-) xxx

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