When Santa met the Christmas tree

When Santa met the Christmas tree

Haven't posted for a while but I haven't given up this running lark. Reading Siobhan's post about her two Xmas runs prompted me to post my picture. Our running collective had its Xmas run this morning and I met an Xmas tree.

Strava tells me I have run or cycled an average of 50km each month. I couldn't have done this without Laura and the NHS Couch to 5K.

I have decided to restart the programme and am about to take on week five - if anyone tells you running doesn't make you feel great they are bonkers!

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  • Fab photo and great costumes! It's not every day you meet a Christmas tree running. Good luck with restarting. I'm almost jealous that you get to do it all again!

  • They sure are! Well done Moony! Love the costumes

  • Quite a few here have redone the programme, and finished it far faster than they were before...love the costumes, bet it was hot to run in!

  • Good Luck !

    Cor I bet you were really hot in your costume, massive respect to you for running in it ! :-) xxx

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