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W4R2 Completed... finally

Well, I intended to take a week off to help my knees as they were really aching. After that week my knees were still a bit sore though I was going ahead with my running but then I came down with a bad cold so I ended taking two weeks off. It did the trick as my knees no longer hurt so yay!

I've done W3R3, W4Runs 1 &2 on the treadmill in my gym as it has shock absorbers and I've been wearing my supports. I will try and get back outside in the new year because the treadmill is super boring, but I guess it's good to have a steady pace right now.

I said I didn't care if it took me 12 weeks to finish and it looks like that may be the case but as long as I stick with it (and my knees stick with me) I'll get there.

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Well done on the progress so far! I hurt my knees in the first two weeks and had to take three weeks off. Thought I'd never be able to run but by taking it slowly and wearing knee straps (the band sort that fixes under your kneecaps), I've been fine ever since. Good luck with the next few weeks! :-)


You're fairly local to me and around the same level so I will follow with interest. Good luck and let's kick 2016!


Hi Paul! Hope your runs are going good!! I'm on w6r2 tonight and waiting for the dreaded 25 min run. :)

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Sulanderson, that's great progress, I'm on week 7 day 3 this cold and frosty morning, I hope your 25 went well, I found it quite tough but was just a case of mentally saying, "keep going or you have to repeat it".

Week 7 gets easier, a lot. But I'm still relying heavily on the forum for encouragement, don't think I would have made it without the support and accountability by posting my progress.

Paul Anderson. Hey we may be related!


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