Graduation by Xmas plus a small bit of panic!!

I've just done Wk 8 run 1 (28 minutes) and suddenly realised that, if all goes well, I can give myself the best Xmas present ever by graduating the C25K! It went really well this morning but I still find I'm fighting my brain a bit. Around ten minutes in, my head starts telling me that I can't do it, I'll get too tired or I panic that I might faint or feel ill with the effort. I never do, so I'm really not sure why my brain is telling me that. Once I'm over halfway, I seem to calm down and get my confidence back and I'm hoping that these feelings will go as I carry on with the longer runs. Does anyone else understand this?? :-)


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13 Replies

  • I do! However I find feeling faint/dizzy or slightly sick during runs is always because I'm going too fast- I get it when I really push at the end or I'm doing intervals- but on a normal run I always take it as a sign to slightly slow my pace and keep up the motivation in a steadier pace. Maybe that will help you?

  • I'm not sure I could slow my pace much more without going backwards but I'll try it! Thanks, Beatricerose! x

  • I think lots of us have been through this. I certainly did! Just acknowledge that its just the gremlins and try and dismiss them. You CAN do this. Done it before etc. The mental challenge can be as tough as the physical one but I think once you get on top of them they are not so easily awakened!! I have far fewer problems with them now. Good luck with those last few runs and yes, what a fab time to finish!

  • Go you... !

    I am hoping for an early present.. if I manage week 9 Run 3 tomorrow...might need my flippers and snorkel though...

    You take it steady and slow...... you can do it....(do like me, focus your mind on Christmas carols or Christmas poems...) and just imagine...what a brilliant Christmas gift...!! :)

  • Good King Wenceslas has actually got quite a good running rhythm.... :-) x

  • Yep... maybe give that a go tomorrow then... snow forecast here!


  • Yes, my brain! I was trying to analyse how I feel going round: breathing is ok(but I couldn't hold a conversation) nothing hurts, but legs feel so heavy. Then the run finishes and it all feels great again! Long runs are mind over matter. I'm going to listen to some books when I've graduated; when I listen to Laura I don't feel my body, as it were, so I'm hoping that concentrating on a story will remove the gremlins.

    We'll see!

  • I ran my second run of week 8 today and I have to say I don't appreciate Laura popping up to tell me I've been running for 5mins when I feel like I should be half way through!!

    I've decided that for week 9 I'm going to do a completely new route. It's a drive away but a lovely flat path along the river.

    Good luck for your last 5 runs xx

  • Hi Ping !

    I have read that the first ten minutes are known as the " Toxic Ten " where your body goes into flight/fight mode but once it realises you are not in danger or that youre not fleeing from something , everything can then settle down and you can get on with the task in hand . All perfectly normal I would say and happens to most of us I would think at some point .

    It certainly applies to me . When I start , I have all sorts of things going around my head , but I have found you have just got to push on through and push all negative thoughts to the back of your mind .

    Well done, youre doing great !

    Keep going ! :-) xxx

  • That would make sense as it was definitely at about ten minutes today that my brain was hectoring the rest of me that I couldn't do it. Then, by the end of the run, I felt like I could have gone on further! Thanks poppypug! :-) xxx

  • That's interesting PP, I never knew that...

  • I graduated 11 weeks ago and my brain still tries it on - once 10 minutes is down, we can just run and run some more!

  • That's interesting about the first ten minutes. The great thing about this forum is finding out that so many other people have had the same difficulties as me and it has certainly made progress through the programme heaps easier

    Well done you and what a fab Christmas present!!

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