Starting in fifteen mins! I'm scared

this is my first day today. The thought of running for 60 seconds quite honestly scares me to death. I have given up smoking four weeks ago and I need to lose weight and not gain it so I thought this could be a good aid to not only weight loss but to also increase my lung capacity.

Right I have the pod cast loaded just need to get changed and get on with it now :/ I am using a treadmill to start as I do not want the added stress of feeling like a wheezing whale running down the road! Right I'm going......:(


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9 Replies

  • I've done it. That was not easy!!! I'm never going to be able to do it, my legs are like jelly :(

  • You will be ok, jelly legs are good :) of course you can do it. You on your treadmill, me on country lanes ( only hares and rabbits to hear the wheezing ) I'm trying to give up the fags at the same time

  • well done - I have just done my first run today also - not easy I agree - I also been on treadmill - what speed did you do your walk & run at?

  • Well done Pricey, I felt just the same, thought I might just die but am now starting week 8 tomorrow morning. Keep at it, don't worry about speed.

  • The weirdest thing is that once you've done run1 of a new week, run2 is always easier, and 3 is easier still as your body will do all kinds of funky stuff to condition your body for next time!

    well done and keep going! (MB - week4)

  • Well done! I've also done my first run today on a treadmill, I started the brisk walk at 6k and then upped it to 7k for the run, I think I'll up it a bit more on Wednesday.

  • I also stopped smoking four weeks ago. I tried another couch to 5k programme a while back but never got further than week three because my lungs couldn't cope. This time, I'm into week five and I can feel both my lungs and legs getting stronger. Good luck. You'll do things you can't believe right now.

  • Well done! I pound the streets, although mostly under the cover of darkness. You shouldn't worry about the wheezing whale...we are all the same to start with...I love it outside just wish that most of my circuits did not end up with running down the high street!! Hope r2 was a little easier

  • Thanks for all your support guys, did run two in my lunch break today. Who said it was easier??? I felt worse than day one!!!! Oh and for those giving up smoking keep going I'm on day 25 and feeling, well a lot less stressed than the first two weeks :)

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