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Free range Khrissy in Barcelona....scared!

I'm off to Barca in the morning and the hotel doesn't have a gym so I'm going to have to swallow my shyness and get off the hamster wheel and run outside! This will be W7R3 and I could really do with some advice about running outside vs the treadmill, anything I need to be aware of in particular? My OH thinks I should have 4 days off and wait till I'm home but I really want to keep the momentum up.

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Hi Khrissy, I'm not sure how much help I will be because I don't run on treadmills, but I guess they allow you to run in a very regular fashion? The things that sometimes 'get' me outside are uneven pavements, road crossings and other people! Only in that you sometimes need to adjust your stride or pace to compensate. I would suggest that you perhaps slow it down slightly and take it steady. At your stage you have established that you can run and you can do this :) so it won't hurt to make this one easy on yourself. I love running outside - it's interesting and I love to feel the weather. I hope it goes well - how lucky to run in Barcelona! Let us know how you get on,



I'd agree with everything Annie said. :) Don't push yourself, let yourself adapt to all the newness and go slow and enjoy it!

I've been to Barcelona once, and I really loved it - I can just imagine running along the seafront, or along the main streets and little side alleys. Lucky you! Do tell us how you get on. Ignore pace, mind you don't trip and just have fun!


Run along the beachfront, no traffic and while there will be folk about depending on time, it's one less thing to hassle yourself about. Also you won't have to know where you're going.


This one! Along the seafront sounds great, you'll also possibly have a breeze off the sea to cool you (don't know what the weather is like over there at the moment, but with it snowing here it feels like the whole world is warmer than me at the moment).

Just remember the traffic comes from a different direction if you do have to run along roads.


Keep up the momentum. I ran up the main road on holiday in Austria and felt a real sense of purpose and continuity. Good luck.


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