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Week 5 begins

Having got muddled up, I was gearing myself up mentally for an eight minute run in the first session today. When I realised I was wrong I cranked up the pace on the treadmill for the last minute of the third run and then felt OK enough to keep running through the first two minutes of the warm down. So I ended up doing a seven minute session at the end. Was this very risky? I know everyone always says that Laura knows best???

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V tempting when you're feeling good, and I did it a few times!! I'm sure that bit extra will be fine. No need to be impatient as longer runs are just around the corner!! It all ramps up soon anyway, so pace yourself.

So happy for you that you were all fired up and enjoying it though! You can always take an extra rest day if you really feel it.


I'm sure you will be fine. The fact that you had enough in the tank to up the pace at the end says it all for me. Well done :)


Thanks Hilbean!


You remain just a bit ahead of me, Kay - I finished week 4 yesterday in a downpour. Soaked, but not cold, and the running bits went fine. I have a feeling, though, that I might need to spend some extra time on week 5.


My plan is to do some repeating this week as all the sessions are different and also the level seems to be jumping up alarmingly. However, as you will have gathered from my post, today was fine. I felt particularly good as I had had two days off which always seems to help me. So we'll see what happens on Thursday when I attempt session 2 .....

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Brilliant.. I sneaked in an extra two mins today when I was going downhill! Shows that you have a bit more to give... Well done You :)


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