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I tried the 30/20/10 thing yesterday (as originally linked, I think, by Juicyju). I don't think I have ever done a harder run in my life. By the 5th 10 second sprint in each 5 minute set, you are really longing for the slow 2 minutes; by the 5th 10 second sprint in the 4th 5 minute set, you wonder if your lungs will ever recover. Interestingly, despite going ever so slowly during the 2 minute breaks between each 5 minute set, I recorded one of my fastest overall pace averages.

I recommend trying it.

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Also gave it a go on Tuesday. As it was my first time I modified it a bit and did:

5 minutes "normal jog"

1 set of 30-20-10 - 5 minutes total

5 minutes normal jog

2nd set

10 minutes normal jog

I definately felt like I'd had a good workout. Will add in a 3rd set next time I do it.


So glad you tried it... It's just fab I'm in love wit

H it as it's already shrunk my 5k time significantly

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