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Ran too fast

I managed 2 5k runs last week and they took me about 43 mins each run. I've always been on the slow side and wanted to run faster but been happy that I could run for 5K.

My last run was last Wednesday and then I've not ventured out because it's been persisting it down with rain and when I run in the rain I get cold and can't see where I'm going through all the rain on my glasses. I hate running in the rain.

So today it was dry and it was a lovely temperature too. I popped on my gear, some banging tunes and headed out. Feeling really happy and in a great mood I started off enjoying myself. I didn't really think about my speed but didn't feel like I was running any faster than normal.

When I got to 20 mins I had to walk for a min to catch my breath as I was struggling. I only had a min and then ran again till I had to stop again. I walked three times for a min each and was out running for about 32 mins before I had to quit because I was exhausted.

It's only when I've got home and analysed my results that instead of running about 14 min/mile I was running at about 12 min/mile for one of the miles then slowed for the rest but still faster than I normally run. While I'm chuffed I was able to run faster I'm displeased that I only managed a straight 20min continuous running.

Still.... at least I was out running which is what really matters and I still feel great from the fresh air and exercise. Please don't rain on Friday!!!!

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You could treat yourself to a peaked running cap ☺

Well done! Sounds like a good run! Nothing at all wrong with having walk breaks mid run, and it's the way to complete a session, whereas you could jack it in sooner cos you're so out of puff.

As you get more used to longer runs the walk breaks get shorter and less frequent. Be sure to work on your strength and fitness too ☺

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I almost never run much more than 2k nonstop these days. I definitely run with better form when I stop for walk breaks, and it means I can go a bit further without straining anything. Nothing wrong with walk breaks - embrace them!


Yes, looks like your going too fast and getting knackered early, there's very good advice on the previous comments as always.

Have you not got a sportswatch so that you could track your performance?

I use a Garmin to check my pace, distance and more recently using the hrm and trying to train by using my maxium heart rate, so watch I don't overdo it, and found I'm well within my comfort zone, so can afford to up the pace sometimes..

Can you not take off your glasses when running in the rain? Maybe not, the blur is terrible isn't it. I'm lucky in that I've had one eye lasered, and I sometimes take my glasses off in bad rain. My eye's are at driving standard without glasses but still need them as the light fades and I like the transitions in bright light.

I'd highly recommend lasering, I think some procedures are now even better than when I had it done, and I found it was easier than going to the dentist..

Good luck..

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I do have a sportswatch but don't have it set to display my pace. Think I will change that.

I can't take my glasses off. If I did I would probably run into a lamp post or get lost or something.... think mrs magoo! I have though about lasering but not done anything about it. Perhaps I'll investigate it some more. I'm just a big baby and the thought of it makes me squeamish.


I got lasered in 2012 - absolutely one of the best things I've ever done (bloody expensive though - I went to Ultralase not high street as I was nervous of getting it done on the cheap). Worth every penny, and that was a lot of pennies (thank goodness for interest free credit).


Don't fret, intervals are a great way to build your speed or distance.

I mostly run/walk ( in a planned way) these days and really like it.

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Finding a good pace is tricky! I use Runkeeper and on settings get it to tell me every 5 minutes and every km. this way, I know the lace all along. I can reasonably comfortably do 5k now but still at a steady speed. I have noticed that my pace is slightly improving (graduated 10 weeks ago) but not doing it on purpose.

I am trying to increase distance instead and added .5k and when this was comfortable started doing 6k. Sticking with that now until Christmas as it is still reasonably challenging. Hope u find ur pace on Friday. Let us know how it goes 😀


forecast for friday is good!!



I think it's a good idea to mix up your runs a bit so you try different paces and different patterns. Running faster over 20 minutes is nothing to be displeased about and isn't likely to have harmed your ability to do a longer run at a slightly slower pace. Not sure how long you have been running but I think you will find your average pace gradually increases over time as you improve your fitness.


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