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Just as I was getting to the finish line

I had just completed W8 R3, when I got my first injury of the program... At the end of the run I felt my left hip was a bit sore and found I was limping back on my walk home from the run. Feel like I need to rest it, but disappointed that I was so close and now fear that I won't be able run the final week straight off as I suspect I might struggle after not running for a while. Frustrated.

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I had something like that, felt like a trapped nerve. I did some stretches and when I started running next time, it was a bit niggly but stopped as I kept running, fine now. What do u think it might b? ☹


I had a groin ache come on while doing the programme, I stretched that area well and managed it. I Still need to concentrate on stretching well or get niggles.

Hopefully that's all you need, take extra days rest if needed...


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