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GPS watch advice needed


Hi all, thinking of getting watch wondered what others are using? Specifically I would like to be able to display speed and distance on the main display, any recommendations?

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Good question. I’ve always had a fit bit and disappointed the Fitbit ones don’t have built in GPS. Let us know what you go for.

Neilix1971 in reply to JaoJao

Will do, I thought it would be useful to have the distance and pace on my wrist because I find it difficult to judge how fast I’m going! I use a Fitbit charge 2 atm but lack of GPS is disappointing as you say, didn’t need it at the time of buying it

molly1973Graduate in reply to JaoJao

I think the new Fitbit Ionic has GPS if you like the brand?


After reading many posts on here I’ll be going with Garmin and probably the forerunner 235.

Was just looking at that one or the forerunner 30, both do what I need them to do


Just got Garmin forerunner 235. Good price on the usual site!! They had a sale on. Good reviews and I'm happy with it. 8 like the round face, good clear display and it has been popular with runners more serious than me for a couple of years now

Neilix1971 in reply to steviej99

How much did you pay? It’s seems to vary between 160 to 200

steviej99Graduate in reply to Neilix1971

£140 on the "we're taking over the world" web site. They had a one day sale!

Neilix1971 in reply to steviej99

Bargain! Well done 👍


Not an Apple Watch. I have one. Inaccurate and terrible battery life! I’m getting a garmin 35 for marathon training as my watch would conk out way before the end of a run! The 235 is too masculine for me. I quite like the look of the 35.


Garmin 35 is perfect. Not pretty but does everything it needs to !


Garmin ForeRunner 235. GPS, good optical heart rate, step count, Bluetooth notifications from my phone, 7 day battery life, bombproof...


I have a Samsung gear sport that links to my Samsung phone. Pleased with it, can download apps and music onto it

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