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After reading many of your inspirational posts I finally found the time and courage to post my status on C25K. I have currently completed w8 r1. I like so many others absolutely detested running, so have found it quite astonishing to have caught the running bug, and now find myself looking forward to the runs and even started to enjoy running in the rain. After finding myself being able to complete the runs (not without their fair share of ups and downs) fairly satisfying, I feel the runs now are becoming a bit of a struggle. Thoughts of those awful school cross country runs start flooding back. For me this part of the program is my nemesis.... It could be the fact that Laura's motivational words come less often during these longer runs. Anyone else finding this part of the program difficult?

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Yes because the thought of graduating and what next seems so close. I had left Laura at home as soon as I was doing runs with no breaks, so listening to podcasts and music instead. Also downloaded Runkeeper (other trackers also available) so I still got timed prompts and distance information but could do my own thing.

Now you are running longer, if you can you could get a. It more adventurous with where u run - try trails, the lake, anything to keep it interesting. How about registering for parkrun?

Running for 30 minutes was still a slog at times but gradually after graduation, some runs were fun, then I tried a 5k, started doing 5k regularly and that was a slog, then that was easier etc. Sometimes there are runs that are plain old hard work and commitment followed by runs that are pure fun, just stick with it as your body gets stronger, it will be exciting again


Yes, those continuous runs are hard work, but stick with it and in a few weeks that sort of time and distance will seem much easier.

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Its odd, but on the longer runs I find that my mind drifts a lot more and I end up thinking about and resolving (sometimes) stuff that I have to do for work, or at home. Those shopping lists, work activities, etc all end up in my head and once I finished them all 10 or even 20 minutes have passed. Keep an eye on the goal, and soon you will be loving the peace and variety that running with your mind can achieve.

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Welcome BP- why leave it so long? You've done really well and at week 8 are within easy reach of graduation.

What is the problem? Are you getting bored - if so think about new routes or new audio entertainment, your own play lists, audio books or radio podcasts.

Maybe it's the weather - not always fun running out in the cold and dark.

You've nearly finished the programme, you can do the time so this is it now. You need to start thinking about what you want from the running once the programme is over in a couple of weeks - distance, races, trails, intervals - your choice!

Good luck.


Yes definitely stick with it BP , you are so close to Graduation now and running for 30 minutes

After that, the worlds yer lobster !

You can stick with running 30 minutes for a bit, or do other stuff such as parkruns and maybe enter a 5k run in the near future or theres trails,or doing the podcasts , all sorts really .

Good Luck with the rest of the programme ! :-) xxx

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I reckon it's the weather!

We only ever did cross-country at school when the weather was too frightful to do anything else! My abiding memories of running any distance before the last couple of years is the stinging and itching in my legs as dozens of miserable children chaffed their way around the school field in the sleet while the teachers stood around in their thick coats and waterproofs trying to shout at us over the gale-force wind!

There is always something in winter running that tends to invoke those memories, but now you are in control - you can choose to wear leggings that keep the chilblains at bay. You can elect to run on days when the sleet is lightest or even run in the gym if you're really desperate (I haven't got that desperate yet but it might happen)!

I would try to break the association with school slogging - run somewhere uplifting. Pick a bright day if you can. Put on some uplifting music. Maybe even go on a adventurous night run. Anything to take away the monotony and break the association with something you disliked.

Hopefully c25k will set you up with the ability and motivation to keep running for a very long time. As you do, the association with miserable times will fade, but try to do what you can to break from that in the meantime.

Good luck with the rest of the course - and will years of running after!



It's one thing running for a few minutes and another running for 30 minutes continuously. On the treadmill it's boring enough to slit your wrists before your done. Outside it's a bit better, but for me running round the lake upmteen times can also be boring.

One thing I find really good is to change things up. Running round the walls of chester was a pleasure. Running round worcester was also brilliant. Running with other people is great - so get signed up for parkrun and get out on a saturday morning. You are in w8 now so you should be OK even if you have to walk a couple of minutes before completing the final kilometer, and get cheered as you cross the finish line.


Oh, stick with Laura, it's not long now, and she'll see you right! ..


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