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Sports relief 2016 is back

Early bird entires are now open now for the sport relief 2016.

I've signed up for the Olympic Park 6 mile at 11.45 on the 20th March.

I wanted to do the swimathon On The 18th a 1.5km but it looks like I have to register twice and do two lots of fundraising, so I might make my just giving page into a discombobulated triathlon.

On that note anyone heard from Dozzer lately?

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Thanks for this. I'm wondering if I'm brave enough to have a go at this. I'm just in the middle of W9!


There are three different distances 1-mile, 3-mile and 6-mile. There is also a run or walk or don't know option so it is very inclusive.


Have just been looking at this myself...and would you believe it, it's the same weekend that I was planning my first 10K run in Richmond! 😬Am now pondering whether I should cancel the Richmond run and do the 6 mile Sports Relief run which is more local to me. The other plus of Sports Relief would be that one of my sons (and husband if his knee is better) could also run at least some of it with me which would be fun! Decisions decisions!


Thank you for posting this I am graduating this week and wanted something to aim for. I have entered the Eden 6 mile 😊


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