Week 9

Technically I should be finished c25k, every time I run now I run for 30 mims with the 5 min cool down and 5 min warm up, so 40 mins in total. I do however stumble halfway or close to the end and either have a quick 20 second walk or hold on to the treadmill lol, so jot perfect by far!!now I know I'm not fast and I am still heavy to be moving around even with the 5 stone weight loss, I'm still severly obese, so do feel I'm blaming my weight partly. I am also only 5ft so blaming the fact I'm small, however I'm only doing over 4k in the time allowed. I'm still not at the 5k!! Obviously I need to do this quicker to reach the 5k but I'm doing my best. I do push myself, possibly too much at times. Anyway, I was hoping to have been complete within the year, however hopefully I might just make the 5k in 30 mins by the end of 2 year and probably earning the title of the longest to take to finish c25k lol.

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  • Sounds like you're a graduate - running for the 30 minutes is a serious accomplishment. Get your badge and join the graduate club!!! Don't worry about hitting the 5k under 30 minutes. You never have to do it if you don't want to. It's nice for those that can when they graduate, but they are the minority. I've done it exactly once and it took me well over a year after graduating. Have you thought about other goals post-graduation? Increasing your distance or entering an event?

  • Thanks, yes in time I was hoping to do park run and event stuff but need a bit more confidence about running publicly, as still very obese and don't wear good gym wear, although I'm comfortable. I defo thought about doing the 10k app next but think I'm going to stick with week 9 basis for now and maybe work on speed etc.

  • You have to run for 30 minutes not run 5km! I graduated in July and slowly built up to 5km after that and then beyond but i still can't run 5km in 30 minutes! Go get your badge!

  • Thanks!

  • I hope you know that the criteria for graduation is simply to be able to run for the 30 mins. Many of us never get to achieve 5k in 30 mins, but that does not matter.

    It sounds as if you have done really well. 5 stone weight loss is fantastic and you must feel so much better!

    What's with all this 'blaming'? I think you deserve to be congratulating yourself on all that you have achieved - be proud!

  • Thanks, just trying to work out why I wasn't doing 5k, blaming my small stature and weight for not being able to move lol.

  • Yes, you've done it! Get your badge, you've deserved it. As the others say it's not about doing 5K in 30 mins, I wish I could, but I'm nowhere near 15 months after graduating. Enjoy your running xx

  • Thanks!

  • Yes I agree get your badge very few can get to 5k in 30 mins me included. Running for 30 mins is the aim of this and you have done that congratulations. Maybe do one more run knowing it's your graduation run that way you will feel the euphoria when you finish !! :)

  • Thanks, done a run last night!

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