Hi there! I am new to couch to 5k, I am near the end of week 2, I really want to build on my running stamina and love to be able to run for 30min! Anyway I do boot camp 2 x a week and this includes some running, I am finding that I am not getting rest days, my legs are feeling it, obviously as not used to it! Just wanted to know is this ok or can you spread the three runs over a longer period of days?


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  • I would spread them out so you're only running every other day. Don't worry about taking longer, just move on to the next week when you've done the 3 runs from the week before. I wouldn't worry about running for 30 mins yet. That's what you're aiming for in week 9.

  • I don't know boot camp, but the 9 week c25k is built on the assumption that this is the main cardio exercising you're doing for these 9 weeks. By all means throw some strength training in, but if your boot camp also tries to teach you to run, you run the risk (pun not intended) of doing too much - and you might get famous no that the two programmes are not compatible.

  • Like you I do circuits twice a week and I found it a bit tiring initially doing that plus 3 "runs". It seems to have settled now (wk 4). I was tempted to take longer over the plan but I am too keen to push on! I run on Monday eve, circuits Tues eve, run Wed eve, circuits Thursday eve, run Sat morning, so rest days are Friday and Sunday. I hope its enough - the ankle seems to be holding out so far! If I get too tired or achy I will have to spread the runs out so that they are done over slightly longer than a week. Stretching after the run really helps I think. Good luck, hope you love it as much as I do!

  • Welcome. Feel free to spread those rest days out. If you only run twice a week your 'weeks' will be longer but that's just fine. There is no rush to finish the plan in 9 weeks and it sounds like you're getting some good exercise already. Those legs need a break!!

  • Hi, I do the gym (strength and cardio) 4 times per week and run 3 times per week, however one day per week I do both and have one day off. Sometimes if it has got too much I've had 2 days off running but still went to the gym. It's took me nearly 11 month to get to week 9, however I was so unfit, severely obese so it's been hard work. However now 5 stone lighter and much fitter I'm getting there, although technically I would be finished the 9 weeks, I won't say I've finished until it's perfect, without my 20 second hold on to the bars of the treadmill halfway through lol. Yes I'm probably being harsh on myself, I have been told this a few times lol. So yeah, go with what's right for you, you know your body, push yourself but don't overdo it, well done!!

  • Hi,

    Great that you're doing the programme. I think I would agree with those who have said you may need to spread things out, especially as the runs get longer. The rest days allow your muscles to repair and without them you will run a higher risk of injury. A lot of folk will use them for core strength work and flexibility exercises or a non running activity such as cycling is great. I think the important thing is to listen to your own body.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you everyone for your helpful advice, I feel so much better mood wise its great for mental health! I'm going to see how I go and consider if needed doing 2 runs over 7 days, my boot camp is like the insanity workout and we do 10min of running each session! I just found this weeks 2nd run a killer, I'm finding the pavements around me are not great, but running on the beach prominard isn't that bad? Maybe I should mix up where I run. X

  • Try to avoid impact exercise on consecutive days at this early stage.

  • Don't overdo it. Statistics show that people who overdo it usually give up.

    There is a park at the back of my place. It is used by three groups. Three times a week by a boot camp, twice a week by a health fund, and another boot camp once a week.

    We used to watch them as entertainment. The first boot camp slowly dwindled to two people then none and folded. The fitness health fund had a huge success for three or four sessions. I would say at least 120 people, then it went down to only two groups of about 25 to 30. The last boot camp only last about three sessions and folded. We recognised the boot camp people also doing the fitness health fund program. We had bets on the length of time they would stick to it.

    Moral of the story: take it easy, have rest day in between whatever you do. Work out your priorities, what you prefer to do first and give it a go, then if you feel you can cope with the rest now and again, slowly build it in.

    One step at a time will get you there.

  • Thank u! Ive been doing boot camp for years, now winter is here we do more running & its never been my strong point! Think I will spread the runs out over a longer time span! I will get there in the end 😀

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