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It has been a few months!

Well I finally did it. I ran for 30minutes yesterday. So Does that make me a graduate?

My right leg is a little more achy than my left but I did it. I can't actually believe I have managed to run for 30mins. At the beginning of this I struggled with the 60seconds and now I can do 30minutes. WOW!!! I know I haven't been on here for a while but I have been reading everyone's posts every day. It has really given me the motivation to carry on when I could of just stopped. We sold our house and moved 300miles away so things have been a struggle but I managed to keep on track after having a slight wobble at week 3. I don't know the distant that I ran yesterday but all I know is that I was a beetroot red colour and very sweaty when I finished. I loved every second of it, about 20minutes in I had a few gremlins telling me to stop but I just focused on the music and carried on. I did it!!! I finally did it.. Wahoo 😀😀

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Wk 9 is a 30 min run x3 so I guess once you've done it 3 times then you'll be a graduate.


So true. I'm getting way ahead of myself. I was just pleased with myself that I jumped ahead of the plan. Oops. Next week I will be able to say I have completed it.


I think Rlear's right about the graduation thing, but that doesn't take away from the achievement of a first 30-minute run! Very well done!

Sounds like it's been a bit of a tough time to be taking up running, so double congrat's for sticking with it. Just a couple more to do to complete the course - time to make a plan for how you will keep running regularly after you graduate!

Well done - keep it up!


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Thank you Ugi. I think I just got a little carried away because deep down I knew I had to run 3times in a week. Oops! Was just too excited about writing my update on here.

I can not wait to finish on Wednesday. I will try to keep up with my 3runs each week but for now I will just focus on my next 2runs 😀


I am at the exact same point and I feel ecstatic too!! Well done to you!!!

I cannot wait to do my runs 2 and 3 now!!


I cannot wait either. I am so excited to be able to run for 30minutes. Congratulations to you too for getting this far. 😀

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