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Wk8 R1

Just back from first run of new week. Seemed to go pretty well, I took it steady as I didn't want to overdo it and find I struggled at the end.

V strange this happened with my podcast - just started my warm down walk and Laura pipes up "you have to run twice more before moving onto week8!" I am on week 8! I took my phone out to double-check I was on the right week then a few seconds later Laura spoke again but this time about completing the right week. How strange is that?

Looking forward to next run, only 5 more to go!!!!!!!!

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Very well done, the next 5 runs are very similar to what you know you can do so keep going nice and steady and you will be a graduate before u know it!! How are u planning to graduate on week 9 run 3? Someone suggested to me to do a parkrun, which I did and it finished on a real high, other people treat themselves to something


Fantastic work. I guess you've impressed Laura enough that she is teasing you! Not long now. Looking back across the posts you have a fantastic record of struggle and achievement. You should be very proud. You are going to ace those last 5 runs (before graduation - obviously you will be running now forever!). Go you and tells us how it feels.


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