Running is like labour

Just finished hating my run, wk7r1. Whilst hating it I realised I have hated all my runs until I finish them, then I forget it. So I think it's a bit like labour

1) it hurts (so not anywhere near as much but it hurts!)

2) you need to breathe

3) sometimes your legs go in directions you didn't think possible

4) sometimes you can't even feel your legs

5) you have to push, push and push really hard especially at the end

6) you keep going back (I've had two labours and that's enough but I went back)


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28 Replies

  • Very good description - I did it 4 times!!!!!!

  • The breathing bit.. totally... a few of us used to hold our breaths..until the runs got longer :)

    Yes...a wonderful mix of all sorts of sensations and amazing too.

    Well done you... slow and steady all the way to Graduation... oh and remember, and here is where I disagree with you...unlike labour.. at no time do you have to Push.. just relax and slow down, pant, :) take a few deep breaths and go with the whole thing... the outcome will be just as rewarding :) xx

  • But also, when you are finished you have something that is a source of deep joy and pride for the rest of your life.

  • Says the spectating male!!

    But yes you are correct.😀

  • 'spectating' has a slightly unsettling ring to it. I don't actually hang around labour wards with a bag of popcorn.

  • Nachos with OBEM is acceptable tho!

  • I have once eaten a packet of pork scratchings with one hand whilst having the other hand inside a sow, assisting in the delivery of a litter.

    If we haven't strayed rather far from the OP now.

  • Now your talking... the bit about pork scratchings not the rest of it.

  • Not sure if it wasn't a traumatic sight for the piglets to emerge in to the world to see first though.

  • Maybe 'encouraging partner' is more fitting Rig.

  • I was a fairly active participant in the piglets delivery.

  • "But also, when you are finished you have something that is a source of deep joy and pride for the rest of your life.


    Well said Big R :)

  • Great post!

    But maybe not push, push, push. Slow and steady , dig deep and carry on! 👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️

  • I agree. No need to push at all. We are to be zen like at the end 😃🏃‍♀️

    Wot red face? ☺️ Ok then maybe just a little bit 🙂

  • Ha ha I had a c section! I cheated! (Not by choice, but actually if they'd asked me I would've said yes please). BUT I did NOT cheat with my running, and continue to this day to put myself through the pain for the things you list after.

    However, I did not risk another child .... read from that what you will!

  • This in no way is cheating, I'm pretty sure you couldn't feel your legs!

  • Indeed. I loved it. No need to get up to go to the loo for 24 hours! Catheters rule!

  • Love this post. I confess to enjoying parts of my runs on occasion, but I'm childless, so please tell me: could my enjoyment equate to the stages of labour where they give you the drugs? :)

  • Drugs are good 😂

  • The drugs are not compulsory mind you !

  • My mother always told me to say no to drugs. On this occasion I ignored her advice!! My sister, quite comically, nearly gave birth to her second child down the toilet as she was crazy mad on pethidine and thought she was doing a really big poo. I hope you don't have THAT much fun whilst running!

  • Ha :D

  • You forgot something Fitsticks : 7) then I am soooo proud of myself and feel on top of the world despite the aches

  • Definitely! Must be why I keep running.

    Also thought of another comparison: they can both make you throw up!

  • I think this is a great analogy and despite what others say about pushing, I do think we push ourselves, even if only mentally, or we would never progress.

  • Ha ha ha! V funny. Sweet little 5k makes up for all the pain, eh?

  • Hang on a minute. Three times a week, outside in all weathers. Labour suddenly has a very short sign up list!

    Three times in a lifetime was all I could manage and they were all tucked up safely in a warm hospital.

  • And... I can't believe I let my husband talk me into this

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