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W5r1 again

Since I'm not managing to run often enough lately I did the first run of w5 again. It was fine (really pleased with my progress☺) & I think I'll do the second run next time (tomorrow). The thing is, I have noticed on the last few runs that I am left feeling rather low for a few hours afterwards - the exercise seems to be causing my mood to drop, rather than be improved by the endorphins, etc. I am eating and drinking well. Does anyone else experience this, or heard of it happening?

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A similar post happened quite awhile back. A few of us have had lows post-run. For myself I find I can be short with people after a run which I now combat with after run toodling instead of immediately spending time with others. Drinking more fluids was one of the recommendations.


You deserve to be pleased - sounds like you are doing great!

I haven't noticed a mod drop but I do sometimes feel quite tired for an hour or two after a run. Could be that you get a drop in blood sugar as a result of all that muscular activity. Especially if you are also watching your calorie intake.

Have you tried topping up your energy levels straight after a run? I have heard that a pint of chocolate milk after a run provides the carbohydrate needed for muscles to restore their glycogen and protein for healing and repair (its' microscopic "damage" to muscles that provokes them into recovering stronger).

Keep it up - and happy running!



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