Thank goodness for that...plodding on with Week 7!

I was so worried on Thursday. Week 7 day 2 was my first DNF and I could have cried with frustration...have been dwelling on it since and was wondering if that was it. I should stop. I literally crashed and burned about 18 minutes in - my legs hurt, I felt utterly exhausted and the gremlins won. I didn't even run again after I stopped for a walk; I was so dejected I shuffled home and cried! Boo hoo!


I decided to give it another try tonight. I changed the playlist on my ipod, went on a completely different route and NAILED IT!!! Yeah!!! I am sooooo happy and relieved. In fact, I chose to rebel and ran for a few minutes more to get to the end of the road I was on when the 25 minutes was up. I think the key for me is to slow right down. I'm slow anyway and feel really self conscious that people are looking at me and wondering what the heck I'm doing (I have an image in my head of how a runner *should* look), which I think puts me off. But tonight I intentionally went really slowly (first mile was 11 minutes) and managed to speed up a fraction (but only a tiny bit) once I'd got a rhythm going.

Sorry for the waffle but wanted to share my relief. Looks like I can carry on after all! Yay!


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  • If it's any consolation to you at my running club I run in the 11-12 minute mile group and we are BY FAR the largest group at the club ! If its a pace you feel comfortable at and can sustain, stick with it. It doesn't matter how slow you go. It only matters that you're going. Well done on getting back out there.

  • I think W7 is the toughest of all. The jump from 20 to 25 mins was a real mental challenge for me. However, moving on to 28 mins and then 30 mins was a breeze.

    Well done on your achievement! Keep up the good work! πŸƒ

  • Well done for trying again

  • I really struggled with the 3rd run in week 7 making 4 attempts before finishing but then ran the first run in week 8 with no problems! I've discovered that it really doesn't matter how slow you go, you are still going faster than anyone sat on the couch. Keep going and good luck

  • I does seem to go that way sometimes. I'm on my 4th run of week 7 as I wasn' t happy with my first. You're right though, it is all about pace. I keep catching myself speeding up and have to consciously slow it down.

  • Well done!!! I had the same experience week 7 R1 and felt gutted - bossed it today though by same trick as you, slowed down to a pace I could sustain

  • There is nothing wrong with an 11 minute mile! IN fact, that is quite impressive!!! I am lucky if I can break a 14:50 minute mile!!!!!

  • Personally I don't think gremlins exist, that was your body telling you "not today"...I've just had a run like that today, I'd planned a long run but it just wasn't happening, so I cut it short...You got out there though, and ran 18 minutes didn't you? Could you have done that 6 weeks ago?

    Well done xx

  • Thanks! I think you're right. I hope today is okay as I'm tackling week 8, day 1 :-) xx

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