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How much further will I have to go?

Probably a really silly question, but I'm trying to plan my routes for the next few weeks. I'm still on week one but have got a good route that gets me door to door in the 30 min timeframe. I presume that as I start to increase how much I'm running I'll also need to increase my route, but by how much? I don't want to plan a route that leaves me miles from home or ends up with me running up and down outside my house because I ended up back where I started to quickly!

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Sounds like a Dylan song :)

You need to know your pace to work it out accurately - pace is expressed as how many minutes it takes you to cover a mile whereas speed is how many miles you can cover in an hour. So Roger Bannister ran the first 4 minute mile, his speed was 15 miles an hour.

Walking briskly, my pace is a 17 minute mile, and towards the end of C25k I could run a 12 minute mile (some people are 10 minute milers by then but I think they are a minority)

For example Wk5 run 3 is 10 mins walking plus 20 mins running. If you are similar to me, in walking you would cover 10/17ths of a mile = roughly 0.6 miles and running you would cover 20/12ths of a mile = roughly 1.7 miles, in total 2.3 miles.

People often seem to report running about 2.5 to 2.8 miles (4 to 4.5km) by the end of the programme. Add on 0.6 miles for the warm up and cool down walk and that means you are looking for a route of 3.1 to 3.4 miles depending on how speedy you are :)


Haha I covered loads more distance in the early weeks than I do on the late weeks. (Wk7r2 today). I live on a new build estate and vary my routes, ie I get sooo bored seeing the same stuff over and over.


I have just finished week 3, and found that I pretty much covered the same distance for all three weeks thus far. This is because the total length of running time is only 8 or 9 minutes for those.

In week 4 the total running time increases to 16 minutes. So, it's during this week that you may want to change your route so that you won't pass your home before the podcast is finished if that is a major concern for you.


I found the same - only on week 3, but the distance has been pretty much identical (which is sort of disappointing, as every week I was hoping to get further)


I wouldn't worry too much about speed or distance at this stage. What you're doing is gradually building up your stamina so the longer runs will be achieveable later.


Ok, thanks everyone - will keep running the same route until week 3 then will have to deviate somewhere!


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