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Injury recovery

I had a really good week last week, finished week 8 ran further than I had before. Then week 9 run 1 I felt tired but I was determined to keep going. Now I can see that I pushed myself too far as since then I've had pain in my hip when I put any pressure on the leg. I'm so annoyed as was so close to graduating but I've missed a run and am not sure when it will be better. How have people here handled injury? What do you do when you go back to it? And how much did your running suffer? Thanks

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Which is why we say go slowly and don't push it! It's probably nothing serious, and after a day's rest you'll probably be good to go. Don't get disheartened as it's very unusual to get through the whole 9 weeks without a hitch. You won't lose any fitness in a few days. Rest up, eat sensibly, stay hydrated so you'll be ready to go when your protesting hip feels better. Ice is a great pain and inflammation reliever

If the pain persists you'll have to see the doc of course, but my guess is you've just overdone it and you'll be ok after a rest.


Stretching and strengthening exercises seem to make all the difference to me. I had a niggly knee and a painful hip and seems to b fine again now. Some aches and pains r inevitable as we settle into running

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