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Week3 Started this morning

The alarm went off at 6am, i snoozed it and checked the weather on my phone app..... raining!... ARRRGGGHHH... "back to bed for me, i will do it tonight after work instead" that my was firtst thought. Then 20 minutes later im up out of bed, stuffing two banana's into my body and getting the running gear on. I have now completed it and ready for the day ahead. It wasnt as bad as i thought, the rain wasnt anywhere near as heavy as my app had told me (i hadnt looked out the window to verify if it was even raining) and i enjoyed it.

i much prefer running early in morning since the nights are now darker earlier. My runs are in the local park which isnt lit at all so running there after work would just be asking for trouble in case i put my foot in a whole or worse still a dog poo!

rest now till friday morning and do it all again!

Happy Running Folks


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Well done on getting out there!!!! I felt like a slacker yesterday as I didn't want to go out as I was so tired after hosting guests all weekend, but I turned out and was so glad I did. It wakes you up doesn't it! I had to laugh at your checking an app to see if it's raining. I just stick my head out the Velux! I run in rain anyway as that's another refresher! Lots of us do, who would previously have never thought it possible that running in heavy rain could be fun, but it can. Admittedly better on the trail than on the road but you can't always hit the wide blue yonder can you

Speaking of dog poo. I went down my garden at dusk the other day to pick fresh lettuce leaves. Next door's dog uses my garden as it's toilet. Grrrrrr! Anyway I trod in a fresh pile, skidded all my length, and all my salad flew up into the air. I could hardly find it in the gloom. Thankfully no poo on the leaves! Bad dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I started week three today too! It was heaps easier than I was anticipating. I did get overtaken by my dog, twice, though...

Doggy doo is a real annoyance, isn't it!? I have to dodge the wombat poo too around here.

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