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Still resting the manky metatarsal (or mega-ar**hole, as my younger son described it with unwitting accuracy), so concentrating on some upper body work in the meanwhile.

Finally got round to hanging my gym rings today and had a go at quick set of muscleups to test them out.

Except... no, that didn't work at all. Maybe an L-sit to begin with... nope, that wasn't happening either. Fine just a set of simple dips then.... aaaaarrgghhhh! wreteched things will not stay still.

Was a humbling experience and a great reminder of how changing just one tiny thing can change an exercise completely. I can do fairly clean muscleups on the bar but not a single one on the rings. I can bang out dips on bars set after set, but could barely maintian upper position on the rings.

My elder son watched this with interest and then said "you're not really veyr strong at all, are you Daddy?"

Grrr. Still strong enough to clip impertinent youths around the ear.

This ring business is going to take some practice though. Am quite excited by the challenge.

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Ha ha! If you want complete honesty ask a child! Did you ever think that in life before running you'd get excited about gym rings?!


Hope the manky metatarsal improves soon before your son tells everyone what's wrong with you. ("My dad's injured his.......")

Get well soon!


Don't you love kids!!!


Kids are fab!

Remind him of the Dad leaping over fire after running for hours .......


I can envisage you pulling the ceiling down! Good luck with the rings! Sounds very difficult. You could watch the gymnastics competition on telly tonight to see how the pro's do it. I was watching it earlier. Awesome!!


Oh those Gym Rings ! They look sooo hard to do , their upper body strength must be immense ! My arms are like spaghetti strings , I really need to up my arm exercises ha ha !

I am sure you will master them Rig, you wont let them beat you :-) xxx


Blimey you don't do anything by half do you! Can't do extreme running, so decide to do extreme upper body work instead! Rig, you're an example to us all :)


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