3rd year Runnerversay and the SC (sickness couch)

Here I sit on my couch. My third year Runnerversay looming next week June the 7th to be precise. It was in that day I set out to do run 1 of week 1 in 2013.

I'm sat on the couch because I have the lurgy, I'm miffed because I look out the window and it would be a great day to go for a run, one of the best ones we have had for weeks but I am doomed to sit on my couch.

I mention this because it is all part of the things I have learnt over the last three years. One of the most important things I have learnt is that no run is worth putting myself out of action for months just because I want to run today. It took my a good 1.5 years to learn this. In the past I have been known to push myself at times when I shouldn't So I will wait and go for my 1st run in my next year of running when I am ready.

Each year I decide what I want from my running journey. (This can be quite flexible ) I like to have an aim, whether it's 5km, 10km or HM. This year I am venturing into something a bit different. In September I will be 50 and I've decided I want Guns of Steel (πŸ˜€ or the nearest I can get). My upper body needs some work. I got quite toned doing my Swimathon in March but I have let that go a bit. I keep starting things and then getting lost and it falls by the wayside.

I am a carrot sort of girl I need to be working towards something I like. So I have made my own program. When I was 19 I was a bodybuilder so I have reverted back to my roots. On Amazon I've seen some shoes that I would like, so my plan is every month buy Amazon gift vouchers and put them to one side if I keep to my training plan I can buy my shoes. I have a tick box system for my training plan and if I tick all the boxes by week 6 I can buy one pair of shoes if I get to the end of the plan with all boxes ticked no exceptions I can buy the second pair. I am hoping this will give me the incentive to work towards my shoes and toned upper body without letting days slide by with no work being done. I really want these shoes.

I think the thing I wanted to share with this years Runnerversay post is that running is just a diving board to anywhere your new found energy can take you. Running can be part of training plan for something else. Explore your options and try different things you might be surprised. I use my running as cross training for my speed walking. Even though I'm in a break now I'm itching to get out there and I really can't imagine not running again, it is so much part of who I am now.

Wishing you all a happy healthy week.


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  • Great post RFC. C25k truly is a spring board for more good things. Happy runniversary, and I'm sure you'll get those guns of steel. Maybe you should make a podcast for the rest of us to follow in your stead?

  • Thank you. I have a blog but like my upper body work I never manage to keep up with it, maybe after this one I will work on that.πŸ˜€.

  • That is such a lovely post and many words of wisdom too! I do think time and experience help us to learn to respect our body and most importantly, listen to it. Love that little token reward system you've got going for yourself there too! Sounds fab...am just thinking how I could do something similar for myself! Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck with all your goals!πŸ˜€

  • Thank you. I really do think the reward system will work for me. Your right it's so important to learn what our bodies need.

  • The token idea is great. Might pinch it myself. It is so interesting for a comparative newbie like myself to see where this running adventure takes people. There's Rig running up mountains and leaping through fires, loads of you running HMs, marathons and triathlons. Some are really speedy, others plodders (I'm in between, feel ploddy at the moment). Trail running, competitive running, strength and flex, squats, lunges. All of you have got so much fitter and the love of running shines through in so many posts. I love it!

  • Thank you. Your more than welcome to pinch it. I'm such a plodder but I love being outside in the fresh air.

  • Happy runniversary RFC sorry you are feeling Tom n dick hope you are recovered soon 😊

  • Thank you, I. Sure I am sure I will be up and running. (Literally) soon.

  • What a gorgeous blog about your runniversary. I totally love your new goal and you must post a pic of the shoes!!!! I'm so sorry you are on the IC right now and I hope it's not for long...

  • Thank you. I will post a piccie of the shoes. Black leather high heel Clarks courts with cushioning. Mmmmmmmmm.😌

  • That's rough RFC. I hope you feel better soon, but it sounds as though you've made good use of the time to make plans.

    And I have a massive, massive thank you. Because of the Quests that you put up every six weeks, and because it is the last day of the current one and I reckon I've achieved all my other goals this time, except the 'go for a bike ride', I nagged and I nagged and I nagged (because my bike is heavy and complicated to load onto the rack so I can't do it myself)... and we got out for a bike ride. The same place I went upside down a few years back. Much more successful this time. Thank you so much - I really wanted to do it, and it would not have happened without you.

  • Thank you. I am so pleased you got out for your bike ride, I know you have been wanting to do that for ages. Glad it went well.

  • Hope you get well soon and good luck with your programme

  • Thank you.

  • Lovely post RFC and very wise words. I think we have all maybe " chanced " it when we shouldn't, but its through experience and listening to our bodies, that we know to pull back for a while.

    Sorry you've got the lurgy, theres lots of it about at the moment. I really hope you feel better soon ((( )))

    Happy Runniversary to you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in in making this forum the fantastic place it is. You make it all possible xxx

  • Thank you. I'm sure I will bounce back soon.

  • Happy runniversary RFC - even if you are laid up at the mo. You are so right about running leading to other things - can totally change your outlook on life!

    I hope you get those guns of steel this year! ( and the lovely shoes)

  • Thank you. I am feeling quite motivated.

  • Happy Runniversary RFC and what a fab journey you've been on! You work really hard for all of us here and it just wouldn't work without you. I hope you'll be around for many, many years 😊

    Sorry you're on the SC at the minute but you've put your body through a lot recently so maybe it's just time to give it a little R&R!

    I love your goals and I understand as I'm a bit of a goal orientated gal too. I'm sure you'll achieve whatever you put your mind to. And enjoy those shoes. I just know you're going to have them πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘’πŸ‘žπŸ‘Ÿ

  • Thank you. I know I'm blaming the radiation rather than the HM. He he. I'm so looking forward to my shoes, just one Quest to go.

  • Sorry to hear you'-re a bit off colour R F C. I hope you'll soon be firing on all cylinders ☺ Happy 3rd runniversary! Here's to many more. I am on the bench too. Pulled up yesterday soon into my 12k run.

  • Thank you. Sorry you pulled up yesterday I hope you feel better soon.

  • Ha happy runavesary.. RFC.. YOU will be back running soon.. with your guns of steel..and your lovely new shoes :)

    ( obviously not for running in) :p

  • Thank you. He he I have trouble walking in high heels let alone running.

  • Happy runniversary Rfc! I'm sorry you're on the IC, but you are very sensible to put yourself there, and your wise words may help someone else. Goodness knows that, like you, it took a while for me to learn that that was the better thing to do.

    I wish you the very best in your Quest for guns of steel, I hope you get your shoes, and I thank you for your help, support and encouragement on this forum, especially by running the Quests. You are a star :)

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