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W6 r1 ouch!

So after my w5 success I seemed to have similar experiences to a lot of people and struggle with w6. I managed the first 5 mins but had to walk a bit of the next two runs.

Lots of excuses... Heavy legs, recovering from a bad cold... it's cold and foggy so felt my breathing was affected... a stitch... it's week six!! Aarrgghhh gremlins!!

A bit disappointed but trying not to dwell on it. I will do this one again Thursday and see if I can succeed and stop the squirrels laughing at me as I stagger past.


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Week 6 is a surprising challenge because week 5 was a mentally tough one, not expecting another one! Just have another go, take ur time and convince urself u will do it. I have graduated now and went out to run 5K and within 2 minutes, my brain was telling me to walk, why are u even doing this anyway, go home and rest. I didn't by the way but it was hard. Distract urself next time, get some music tracks, download a podcast of something u like to listen to, promise urself a post run breakfast, anything that gets u there!

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We all struggled around this time in the plan, I know I did. As long as your not in any physical pain just ignore those pesky gremlins.

Maybe lay off eating before doing c25k, I got the odd small stitch, that went away in a few minutes.

I usually give it 1-2 hrs before running if I eat, but don't have big meals in the morning, porridge or bran flakes, or maybe egg on toast or cup of tea and a couple of plain biscuits 1-2 hrs before park run.

But, just think of how good it is to get out with the squirrels laughing lol, just keep at it and you'll be fine..keep posting..😉


Thanks for the advice. I will repeat the run and stick my tongue out at the squirrels if they dare so much as a snigger :)

I am happy to repeat stuff as I want to succeed in any way that gets me there. If it's s complete disaster maybe I'll do w5 again...?



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