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Couch to 5K
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Nearly at W3 already!

I'm amazed how quickly this is going. It was only a few days ago I was terrified about failing W1R1 and now I'm one run away from W3 after passing each run! I remember from previously trying C25K, week 4-5 is where I really struggled to keep going and stick to running - and that was when I was three stone lighter! I suppose now that I have the weight side of it to consider, I have more reason to keep going.

It's so inspiring to read about other people (who had no prior fitness and a few extra pounds) manage C25K.

Keep going team! We can do this!

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You surely can! If the program got me to run, anyone can do it! Keep posting, that will give you an extra incentive and if you feel the need for more support, try a parkrun, if you have one nearby.


I'm at the same point as you - and am also losing weight with a referral from my GP's surgery to WeightWatchers - have lost 3st 6lb since mid July, still have a few more stone to shift and absolutely loving C25K. We can keep each other going!! x

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